Cody Gentz

I'm the President of PONG. Studying Computer Science - Cybersecurity here at Stout. Sometimes I have time to play video games.

Vice President

Tyler Mullin

I am the Vice President for PONG. I am a Graphic Design Major at UW-Stout. My favorite video game is 1080˚ Avalanche.


Karl Kazinski

The current treasurer for PONG, going into video game design. Struggles with using blender, and forgets my ; in code.

Sponsorship Liaison

Aidan Kelly
"Did you know I was born in Japan?"

Network Administrator

Noah Kamenick

"Did you turn it off and turn it back on?"

Server Administrator

William Dean
"Some funny comment about WoW Classic."

Web Developer

Max Biggerstaff

"I'm really just tryin' to vibe."


Michael Du Mez
"If time is relative, who is it related to?"


Joe Mischke

I am the Designer for PONG.

Event Coordinator

Dante Castelli
Hi I'm Dante, also known as Kota. I'm the Event Coordinator for PONG. I decided to get more involved with PONG because of all the awesome people I met during our events. I'm also a real big fan of video games pog.

Tournament Coordinator

Tony Taray
I'm the tournament coordinator this year. Despite the appearance of a lack of enthusiasm in my face, I'm more than excited to help organize and tend to tournaments during PONG events. At the moment I'm studying Computer Science with concentrations in Game Design at Stout. I know there's a Game Design degree here, but it doesn't hurt to widen the horizons. In my spare time when I'm not about to have an aneurysm from attempting to make music with FL Studio, I enjoy the simple things in life: gaming and hitting the gym. (Only now have i just realized that memberships here are free)